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Heidi Brashear Contact Technologies Experienced Senior Marketing ExecutiveHeidi Brashear

Welcome to Action Marketing & Web Design!  I initially launched Action Marketing & Web Design in 2001 and ran it successfully for about 6 years, then I took a brief hiatus while I worked in corporate america. NowI am back and I am excited to revive it with a face lift, some additional services and a lot more expertise and knowledge!  

I have over 16 years of marketing experience.  My marketing career has provided me with the opportunity to work with a variety of companies and clients that are on the forefront of technology including airlines, hotels, software companies, small startups and dotcoms.  I have been fortunate enough to be engaged in digital strategy, account management and the marketing of emerging channels through the years.  The continuous change and rapid speed to market of products and services is extremely exciting to me and provides an environment that I thrive in.

My experiences have allowed me to work on both B2B and B2C initiatives as well as touch all facets of marketing.  I have led the digital marketing strategy for a team of marketing professionals, presented to various groups, built websites, facilitated SEO and SEM programs, created content, and formed strong partnerships.  I also taught marketing at a local university for several years. 

I am excited to learn more about your needs and see if we can help you!


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